Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro provides deployment and management of Apple macOS and iOS devices.

Aggie Desktop provides Jamf Pro as a service to the UC Davis campus. Campus units may take advantage of this service rather than running their own Jamf infrastructure. 

For information on how to use the Aggie Desktop Jamf service, please see http://kb.ucdavis.edu/?id=2639.

Note that subscribing departments are responsible for Jamf Pro endpoint licensing costs. The current costs are $18/macOS and $9/iOS device per year.

The standard Aggie Desktop build via the Jamf Pro service applies various minimum security standard configurations, including:

  • Leveraging the Apple Device Enrollment Program to “lock” devices to UC Davis control at the hardware level
  • Binding the system to uConnect Active Directory to require use of standard campus computing account credentials for login
  • Configuring the system for FileVault encryption with key escrow to Jamf
  • Installing the BigFix client
  • Enabling the screensaver with a 20 minute timeout and requirement for password to resume
  • Enabling and configuring the local host firewall
  • Disabling automatic login