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Aggie Desktop service model diagram
Aggie Desktop Service Model Diagram
  • Aggie Desktop will . . .
    • Maintain deployment, management, and self-service infrastructure.
    • Maintain and test OS deployment images/automation.
    • Test and deploy patches for OS and applications.
    • Provide self-service for application installation and configuration.
    • Serve as an escalation point for IT partners.
  • Aggie Desktop will not . . .



Aggie Desktop Technology Stack

Lifecycle Mac Windows
Deploy Jamf Pro Microsoft MDT
Patch Jamf Pro
Microsoft WSUS
Manage Jamf Pro
Self-Service Jamf Pro App Store
BigFix Offers
BigFix Offers
Secure Sophos A/V Sophos A/V
Underpinning Technologies uConnect Active Directory uConnect Active Directory