Aggie Desktop sprang from a talk at the 2015 UC Davis Security Symposium, where Ben Gross from UC Berkeley presented on the amazing work his team has done with Berkeley Desktop.

Recognizing that UC Davis could benefit from a similar initiative, we formed a partnership between four large organizations:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Letters & Science
  • Finance, Operations & Administration
  • Information and Educational Technology

The mix of academic and administrative organizations ensures that Aggie Desktop will meet a broad range of needs across the campus.

Each of the partner organizations is contributing staff and funding to develop Aggie Desktop in an agile, collaborative way.

The goals of our partnership are:

  • Improve end-user experience.
  • Reduce duplicate effort & infrastructure.
  • Lower costs of delivering desktop computing.
  • Deliver ready & reliable access to the tools & data UC Davis affiliates need to get work done.

While Aggie Desktop services will initially be developed and tested by the partner organizations, we will release service components as a bundle or a-la-carte to campus technologists, allowing departments to use just the services they need without sacrificing flexibility.