Aggie Desktop is an initiative and resulting ongoing service to redesign how desktop computing environments (desktops, laptops and mobile devices) are delivered with the goals of: 

  • improving the end-user desktop experience,  
  • eliminating duplicate infrastructure and effort required to support desktop users,  
  • lowering the costs of delivering desktop computing, and 
  • delivering ready and reliable access to the computer-mediated tools and data that UC Davis affiliates need to get their work done. 

The various component services that comprise Aggie Desktop will be available as a bundle or a-la-carte to campus technologists, allowing departments to use just the services they need without sacrificing flexibility. 

Key Benefits

  • Spend more time using your computer and less time managing it
  • Faster time to delivery, from purchase through deployment 
  • Eliminate duplicate infrastructure and effort
  • Standard computing environment across campus (easier technology transitions for staff who change departments) 
  • More self-service options for installing, upgrading software, changing settings/preferences 
  • Parity across Mac and Windows 
  • More stable and secure computing environment with fewer interruptions 
  • Lower maintenance and software licensing costs across device lifetime 
  • More flexibility in choosing when, where and how to work 
  • Less downtime and fast access to help resources when things do go wrong  
  • Lower purchase costs for laptops, desktops and mobile devices (in partnership with Bulk Purchase Program)